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Praedia Real Estate Advisors are excited about building connections and networking to create better experiences and services for our clients.  Bridges are a fundamental example of our systems, communications and relationships; solid foundation, reliable, essential to efficiency and most importantly brings separations together for people to enjoy and utilize. 




Real Estate Advisor



Phone: 604.505.6810

As a born Vancouverite, since an early age of 10, Arnold began to develop an understanding for real estate through cutting grass, painting and various duties around his family homes and investment properties.  He started to really understand and love real estate when he and his wife bought their first home and subsequent deals through Nam, now his real estate group business partner.

After graduating from UBC and the Sauder School of Business he worked in High Tech and utilizes these skills in the real estate industry to help answer client specific questions of the market through custom analytics and business intelligence.  Arnold strives to provide high-quality, personalized service to each and every person he works with. 


In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family snowboarding, biking, and following new high technology developments.


Real Estate Advisor


Phone: 604.767.8904

Born on a beach and raised in the prairies, Nam immigrated to Canada before he could walk and migrated to Vancouver after experiencing just enough of Canadian winters. Being a son of two homes, he speaks fluent English and Vietnamese.


A real estate industry veteran since 2006, Nam has represented homeowners and investors in a wide array of real estate transactions. He has a long record of successfully guiding local and international clients with their residential and commercial real estate acquisitions, lease obligations and business transactions.


Nam has built a solid foundation of clientele though professional and honest service.  In 2016, Nam formed a partnership to expand and strengthen his foundation. Now the partnership is a growing team specializing in offering exceptional service, expert knowledge, and superior support in assisting clients achieve and surpass goals year after year.

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