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We're excited to provide you a Free No Obligation Valuation of Your Home with

Praedia Real Estate Group's Unique Real Estate Listing System

Here's what we do for our clients above and beyond just valuing and listing a property

We engage in every step to achieve successful results

Here's our listing process:

Step 1 - Schedule an onsite meeting to walk through your property

we listen to what attracts you to your home

we walk through the property on our own and make notes of key Unique Selling Points as well as valuation change notable items

we schedule a second onsite meet to present our Unique Selling Points package

Step 2 - We work on 2 key information sets before next scheduled meeting

1) Unique selling points and PreMarket preparation guideline

2) Market Valuation 

This information provided in one book outlines suggested list price

Step 3 - Sign listing agreement and outline items in premarket preparation to schedule

Step 4 - Prepare Marketing material, pictures, videos, drones, 3D walk throughs carefully chosen to spotlight your property

Print Binded Property Home Book for onsite immediate information access to all viewers

Step 5 - Agents Open and Open Houses determined as beneficial to the property and your schedule

Step 6 - Review statistics for adjustments if any

Step 7 - Review feedback and offers

Step 8 - Negotiate offers for Price as well as Terms - Careful Communications as we recognize very importantly Negotiations are effective communications with an end result

Step 9 - Work towards Closing and Possession dates - Congratulations on your Sale!

We welcome questions and discussions on how this process benefits you


We provide a listing service above and beyond just listing a property and this adds value to the sale of your home!

Let's get started with Booking the Step 1 Meeting Walkthrough for valuation and Unique Selling Points

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