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Greeting Gestures After COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 social distancing and the next slow phases of getting back to normality, we've had thought provoking conversations about how greetings and handshakes will or may change and how outside North American cultures greet each other.

As part of history it is believed that the handshake originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon. In face to face meets, it is very common practice to shake hands; as social distancing relaxes and we start meeting people face to face again, will the hand shakes continue or will there be new ways to greet each other?

Cultures and regions around the world have traditions apart from hand shaking:

Japanese - bow to one another

French, Italians, Spanish, Portugese - air kiss both cheeks

UAE, Saudia Arabia - touching noses

Persians - hand over the heart

Chinese - nod their heads and smile

Thai - press hands together and slightly bow

India - place palms together and say 'Namaste'

North America - hand shake, fist bump, wave

Hawaii - hang loose hand gesture

Are there different ways we can greet while reducing chances of passing pathogens? I like:

- smile and nod head for less formal meeting

- the comforting palms together and slight head bow while keeping eye contact for more formal meets,

- and it's the Vulcan Salute for Happy Hour Time

Do you have a new way to greet? Look forward to finding out in our next face to face meet!

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